Enrollment Forms and Information


If you want to enroll at ISRI you will need the following information on this page and submit the required forms mentioned below.


Still considering but not sure? Please have a look at the documentation and handbook. If you need more information we have a contact page where you can submit your questions. We have a scheduled Open House in the middle of the academic year where you can meet the teachers and have a tour of the facilities.

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To apply to ISRI, you need to fill in the following form/s:

All Applicants 

To apply for tuition assistance  

kids attended a school before. 

Students talk a language other than English at home.

In case the address or the contact information has changed. 



The annual tuition (10 months maximum plan from July to April)


PK Part-time (until 12:00pm)                 $5,200      ($520 per month)

PK Full-time (until 3:10pm)                    $6,450     ($645 per month)

PK Full-time                                        $7000      ($700 per month)

(with extended daycare until 5:30pm)

Grades KG-8                                        $5,400      ($540 per month)



Non-refundable one-time fee per student (required with enrollment form)


 New student registration fee                                         $200

 Returning student registration fee                                 $100

 Workbooks/materials fee (applies to PreK)                       $150

 Workbooks/materials fee (applies to KG & Grades 1-8)       $200

 Activity/Technology fee (applies to PreK)                         $100

 Activity/Tech/IOWA Test fee (applies to KG & Grades 1-8)   $150  

Enrollment deposit per student:

 Deposit applied towards tuition          $250

Late enrollment fee per student:


 For applying after May 31st, 2021         $100

 For applying after June 30th, 2021       $200


*Deposit of $250.00 per student is required with the enrollment form; this will be deducted from your tuition balance.


Tuition Payment Plan through SMART TUITION – deadline July 1


ISRI has assigned SMART TUITION to process its tuition billing and collections for a nominal fee of $45, per family, which will be added to the annual tuition.  All families registering with SMART TUITION are required to sign up by July 1st through the following link:


ISRI Code is 13433

Tuition payments are (10 months in total) from July – April.


Sibling Discount 


The second child receives a discount of $250 yearly (other fees not included).


Financial Aid 


The school will award financial aid to families that are able to adequately demonstrate the need for such aid. Such a need will be determined through the process outlined below. Financial Aid will not be awarded until after August 15th. Apply for financial aid by contacting the front office and requesting copies of the necessary financial aid forms. In addition to completing these forms and returning them, you will need to provide the information listed below to better assist us in determining the amount of aid to award:


. Enrollment Application

. Registration and deposit fees 

. Completed Financial Aid Request Form, signed and dated*.
. Previous year's tax return
. If self-employed, provide financial statements prior to the year of application*.

. Last 3 paystubs

. Bank statement for the last 6 months 


** Note:


Money for financial aid are very limited; so, please help us give it to the families who are really in need of help by providing accurate information about your financial situation. ISRI does not receive fund from any other organizations other than its students' tuition and community fundraiser. 


Tuition Assistance through SMART TUITION – deadline May 1st 


ISRI has assigned SMART TUITION to process its tuition assistance applications for a nominal, one-time fee of $35. Please, click on the link below to apply no later than May 1st.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Scholarship / Zakat eligibility 


The school has a limited scholarship program based on academic achievement, Islamic behavior, and coupled with demonstrated need (for Zakat only).  Families interested in applying should submit their applications by May 1st.



Medical forms and Immunization records are required by the RI Department of Health. All students that do not have the updated immunizations and physicals will not be able to attend ISRI until all paperwork is received.



Physical: All students are required to have a complete physical before the start date in September of the current year. If you have an appointment scheduled after the start date please bring it in.


Immunizations: Please visit RHODE ISLAND dEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 


to see the required list of immunizations required.




By the time a child enters Kindergarten they should have the following immunizations: 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine; 5 doses of DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) vaccine; 4 doses of polio vaccine; 2 doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine; 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine or documentation by a health care provider of a history of chickenpox disease.


HPV vaccination


A 3-dose HPV immunization requirement is being phased in. For fall 2015, 1 dose will be required for 7th graders. For fall 2016, one dose will be required for 7th graders and 2 doses will be required for 8th graders. For fall 2017, 1 dose will be required for 7th graders, 2 doses will be required for 8th graders, and 3 doses will be required for 9th graders. Read more about Immunization Regulation Changes 

Enrollment Eligibility and Documentations


(returning students may skip this section)


The following MUST be submitted prior to July 1st to reserve your place at ISRI for the next academic year.  Your child/children will not be allowed to attend ISRI until all paperwork is received.


¨ Enrollment application

- Registration fees + Book fees + Deposit fees (refer to tuition section above) 

¨ Birth certificate

¨ Current physical (All students must have a physical dated in the current year)

¨ Immunization records (visit isrionline.org for the detail list of required immunizations    for all grades)

¨ Prior school transcripts (Report cards, Portfolio, State / Standardized Test Scores,      IEP, etc.)

¨ Postdated checks (see payment plan on tuition policy form, attached)

¨ Medical alert action plan (Must be given by your physician to the main office)

- Copy of parents' ID




Medical forms and Immunization records are required by the RI Department of Health. All students that do not have the updated immunization form and will not be able to attend ISRI before completing the mandated immunization. Physicals examination can be completed not later than 6 months of enrollment.


Important Acceptance Regulations:


  • The front office will not accept the admission paper without the non-refundable one-time fee, the enrollment deposit, and a written payment plan for the tuition on page 2 (if not paid one time).

  • Your child is not accepted to ISRI unless you receive a notification email of acceptance within 15 days of receiving the application. Otherwise, you should contact the front office for your application status.

** For new students, it may take more time to notify you for acceptance until we receive the file from the former school. They should be tested and interviewed by the class/subject teacher.