Program Overview


Below is a short summary of the eligibility and requirements to complete your child's enrollment at ISRI.

Pre-K and Kindergarten



  • Must be 3 years at the time of enrollment

  • Must be potty trained

  • Enrollment of a child is based on a successful interview by the school



  • Must be at least 4 years old



  • Must be at least 5 years



  • Our teachers have departmental meetings to discuss:

  • Student progress and challenges are discussed and resolved. We work with the public school to ensure your child gets the resources they need.

  • Ensure that the students are ready and able to read, do the math, know at least 20 surahs from the Quran, Duas, know the Arabic letters and more.

  • Our mission is to build a strong foundation for their grade school development.


Developed Lesson Plans

Our full-time teachers provide a strong lesson plan that inculcates Islamic studies into our general curriculum.


Students are always reminded about good etiquettes and positive social skills.


3-year-olds have a Headstart

PK students who start with us from 3 years old always have a greater advantage than students who join later. We encourage you to compare our program and our students to any existing programs in RI.



Grade School (1st - 8th)


By the time our students reach 8th grade, they will have had an academic experience founded on Knowledge, Faith, and Discipline. They will be better informed about Islam, and better prepared academically to continue on to high school, and have inshaAllah the discipline to lead remain on the straight path, by Allah's will.


Academic Results

We follow the Core Standard in education and have departmental meetings to identify any shortcomings or progress in our student's education. Our long-term serving teachers are very familiar with many of the students throughout their lives at ISRI.


  • Similar to other schools we challenge our students to critical thinking. But the difference is that our students know how to view Allah SWT. Knowing the creator is immensely important to understanding our identity.

  • ISRI students will partake in state and regional competitions both with public and other Islamic schools.

    • Our students have won multiple awards at RISEF (RI Science and Engineering Fair) including the Governor's award.

    • Our students have also won in ICNA's Quran competition

  • ISRI students have been recognized as highly capable, disciplined and passionate students. They have been enrolled and accepted to the best high schools in the state. They have also later on been accepted to prestigious universities in the country.


The Principal ensures our staff has the capabilities to ensure long-term success in our students' abilities.


The Board of Trustees implements a vision for the principal and his team to carry out. We ensure that the mission of the school is supported by the long-term plan presented by the principal.


Teacher evaluation is continuously ongoing.


Strong Base for the Future

There is a dynamic dialogue of the direction in our students' education and to ensure that they have a strong foundation in their Social and Intellectual skills to prepare them for whatever the distant future might hold.




High School 


Due to the challenges faced by young adolescents, ISRI has begun its high school by the for the 9th grade in AY 2017/2018.


Other schools know ISRI Quality

We have interviewed and researched other schools with similar experiences. Given that our students are highly dedicated and sought after by other high schools. It is our mission now to offer our students an alternative and allow them to further progress with the Academic and Islamic studies offered at ISRI.


Dual Program with College Courses

ISRI can now allow our students to continue their success through a dual program at ISRI that will have them enter college courses in the 9 the grade.


For more information about this program, please contact the school and enroll in ISRI High School.



Medical forms and Immunization records are required by the RI Department of Health. All students that do not have the updated immunizations and physicals will not be able to attend ISRI until all paperwork is received.



Physical: All students are required to have a complete physical before the start date in September of the current year. If you have an appointment scheduled after the start date please bring it in.


Immunizations: Please visit RHODE ISLAND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH  to see the required list of immunizations required.



By the time a child enters Kindergarten they should have the following immunizations: 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine; 5 doses of DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) vaccine; 4 doses of polio vaccine; 2 doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine; 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine or documentation by a health care provider of a history of chickenpox disease.

HPV vaccination 

A 3-dose HPV immunization requirement is being phased in. For fall 2015, 1 dose will be required for 7th graders. For fall 2016, one dose will be required for 7th graders and 2 doses will be required for 8th graders. For fall 2017, 1 dose will be required for 7th graders, 2 doses will be required for 8th graders, and 3 doses will be required for 9th graders. Read more about Immunization Regulation Changes