ISRI Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) 




The Purpose of this organization is to…


  • Encourage parents to assist with various school activities/functions/services.  

  • Provide financial assistance where needs are identified.

  • Foster a community atmosphere.

  • Support the mission and vision of the school.




 Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school may be a member.  The principal and any employed staff member who is working for Islamic School of Rhode Island may be a member.  All members must sign-in at Enrollment, Open House, or when newly enrolled to be considered a registered member, which affords that member voting privileges.  For those members unable to attend the aforementioned events, an open sign in will be available in the school through September 1st.  There will be no assessed fee for membership.


PTO Executive Board & Duties: 


* President: Sister  Sophia Elanani
                * Vice President: Sister 
                                    * Treasurer: Sister Mirvat Elanani
                                            * Secretary: Sister 
                                                   * Teacher Reps (two): Sisters Sabeen Ahmed & Laila Elsyed
                                                           * Principal: Brother Muhammad Ahmed


Current Executive Board