Upcoming Events


Tuesdays from 3:30 to  04:30 PM

Soccer Practice for Boys (Middle School)

Thursdays from 3:30 to 04:30 PM

Soccer Practice for Girls (Middle School)

WED April 12 @ 05:30 PM

ISRI celebrates the students' learning through a Showcase Night. Earlychildhood students will perform  in front of their parents. 

WED. April 13, 02:00 PM

Grade 6 Field Trip to Kingstown Bowl in North Kingstown. 

WED. April 13, 2016

Grades 7&8 Field Trip to ISBCC in Boston. 

WED April 15 @ 05:30 PM

ISRI celebrates the students' learning through a Showcase Noight. Grades 1&3 students will perform in front of their parents. 

SUN. April 17 @ 03:30 PM

Grade 5 will have a production evening with the Jewish School to celebrate the end of the Theater Program at CDL. 

WED April 27 @ 01:15 PM

ISRI recogizes the student of quarter III after Dhur prayers

THUR. April 28, 02:00 PM

Grade6 Field Trip to Rhode Island Historic Society in Providence. 


Joint Program with La Salle Academy; A Day of Interfaith:


60 students of Islamic School of Rhode Island and La Salle Academy spent one day together. They visited ISRI, La Salle Academy, Masjid Al Islam and Chapel La Salle. Principal Abdelnasser lectured La Salle students about Islam a week before the event. Then, students got the chance to visit our mosque, watch students performing prayers and ask questions about Islam. 




Theater Program @ CDL 

January 11, 2015

CDL is grateful for this new collaboration

and truly excited to work on this project,

says Executive Director Beth Cunha.

Creating connections and building

bridges in the community with youth

is inspiring work we’re thrilled to be

a part of.


JCDSRI Head of School, Adam Tilove said: "We're really thrilled to be able to live our values of Tikkun Olam and Oseh Shalom (healing the world and making peace. We believe that peace is made through building real relationships, and we know that building these relationships will be a truly transformative experience for our students and their families".


"ISRI leadership is working thoroughly to bridge the gap between its community and other communities of Rhode Island.  Peace is a basic principle of Islam to the whole world.  So, we partner with our friends in JCDSRI to educate our kids we are part of the Rhode Island community specifically and US global family" stated Abdelnasser Hussein, ISRI Head of School.

DARE Graduation 

Posted December 20, 2015



Grade 5 students from Islamic School of Rhode Island (ISRI) and Saint Joseph Catholic school are graduating from DARE course. Officer Sandra from the West Warwick Police is the coach.

ISRI Science Fair 2015_2016

 January 30, 2016


Middle School students of ISRI at the final of ISRI Science Fair for 2015-2016



Graduation Ceremoney 2014_2015

JUNE  15, 2015