ISRI is a non-profit, private school, which operates as per the regulations in the state, and therefore does not receive funding as a Public / Charter schools would. Tuition alone does not cover all the costs involved with running and maintaining school premises.



Maintaining a school facility is expensive. ISRI needs to renew its plumbing system, heating, and cooling system. Additionally, bathrooms need to be renovated and new windows need to be installed. In view of the growth of its student population, ISRI needs to construct additional classrooms and facilities to enable us to expand educational programs. Additional classroom furniture needs to be purchased, equipment for the science and computer labs must be enhanced, and existing computers are in need of being upgraded.



To provide the most effective, all-round and up-to-date education for students, course offerings must be expanded constantly. We must have the funds to hire and retain well-qualified teachers and to provide them with state-of-the-art facilities and ongoing professional development and training, all of which requires a regular and constant cash flow. Library holdings need to be expanded and our physical health/gym programs need revisions too.



ISRI has a gymnasium building which can be used for community events, Iftar, graduation parties and gatherings (except birthdays) etc. The gym is currently air conditioned for hot days and a heating system for winter time. IT is also furnished with 180 chairs and 22 big tables. A stage and sound system is available also. It is usually available after school time and during weekends. Renting the gym on an hourly basis is a source of income for the school. It is available for $45 an hour, $10 per table and $1 per chair.  Prior booking is required to avoid conflicts with other events. The office will provide you with a full detailed contract before renting. 



                            ISRI receives between $100-$200 a year from the Box Top for Education program, through collecting                                BoxTops from our students and families. One easy way that we can collect this money that supports                                our program is by just clipping the Box Top from any product and sending them to your child’s homeroom teacher. The money received will help the school purchase necessary classroom supplies and school equipment.