Zakat Fund

There are also families who receive Zakat money to cover the cost of tuition and the school has them in a separate category, but sometimes there is not enough Zakat money to cover those children. ISRI receives your Zakat money to be directed to educate a needy student. You can donate your zakah for this purpose while you can also allocate the person/s who will benefit from your Zakah.  

Endowment Giving

This year 2015-2016, ISRI started many projects. We accept your donation as an endowment for the security purpose of our site. There are also projects to establish a learning center (computer lab), science lab, and a library. We will name such project after the name of the donor.  So, we encourage people to have their names on ISRI library or lab. Our gym is also serving as a prayer room for the surrounding area; so, we also accept donations to enhance the place. This year we added a new heating and AC system, Wudu place and new doors. 

Support a Student

ISRI started a project "Sponsor a Student of ISRI". There are families with several children who cannot afford to pay full tuition. ISRI, therefore, offers financial aid to ease that difficulty and tuition discount to teachers for enrolling their children at ISRI. The amount of tuition assistance differs depending on need and the availability of funds.  You can choose the student to be sponsored or let ISRI assign your money for the needy student/s.


The cost for the financial aid and discounting is about 10% of total revenue or about $50,000 annually. Your donations will help us cover the above-mentioned costs and therefore you are helping a brother or sister who is truly in need to have their child receive an Islamic education from ISRI.



To make an online donation, please click on the "Make a Gift" button to the right.




"Allah (SWT) says in the Qu’ran (Al-Baqra: 261): The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing."


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