ISRI Board of Trustees reviews policies and rules regarding the operation of the school. The school board consists of 4 members comprising a president, vice president, treasurer director. The principal is present during the board meetings which are scheduled as monthly or more frequently as necessary. Board members and the principal are currently representing the Executive Governance Council of ISRI. The members of the Board of Trustees do not receive financial compensation for their activity as Board members.


Br. Munawar Ghumman


Br. Ghumman was born and raised in Pakistan and has an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering. He has been an ISRI parent since the school opened in 2004. Two of his sons graduated from ISRI in 2010 and moved on to LaSalle Academy, a prestigious high school with honors. His other two children still attend ISRI today. "We are blessed to have an Islamic School right in our own neighborhood, and we have an opportunity to give our children the best Islamic education. It is our duty as parents and Muslims to provide our children with Islamic education, Alhumdulilah. I encourage the Muslim community to give ISRI an opportunity to provide their children with Islamic and secular education.


Vice President

Br. Shahzad Yaqoob


Br. Shahzad is very proud to be an ISRI parent and has been supporting the school since 2004. He has a Master in Economic and Associate in Electronic Engineering from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. "I am very thankful to Allah to have found ISRI; the school serves as the drinking ladle of knowledge for not only my children but also for the many other young Muslims that would grow up to lead the thriving Muslim Ummah of the future, inshaAllah. I pray that Allah (SWT) helps ISRI prosper and it becomes the best educational and religious foundation in the region – Ameen”.


Sr. Basima Shihadeh